Do you get a slice of the best applicants?

For example, do you know whether job applicants jump at the prospect of working for you or just apply in the hope you are a good employer? Do they seek you out? Do those unsolicited applications show any real understanding of what you might be like as an employer or are they just a scattergun approach?

Strong employer branding can make a substantial difference to your ability to attract and retain the best candidates.

It is important to remember that you compete with other organisations not just for sales but also for the best employees. How you phrase your job advertisements (even if you use a copywriter), the information you provide to applicants and existing employees, and the tone of your policies and procedures all create your brand. If you are competing with larger national employers these matters count hugely.

Until recently it was comparatively difficult for candidates to know what you would be like as an employer. It was a bit like booking an hotel. You wouldn’t really know what it was like until you arrived there.

But in 2016, applicants can tap into social networking, find who works for your company or organisation, and read reviews from current employees. They may even ask questions of some of your employees via social media. That is aside from a wealth of other information that applicants can research on the Internet. What do people post about you? Do you have published values? Are your policies and procedures in the public domain? Employers increasingly need to give attention to these questions if they are to attract talent.

But while social media represents a risk (that is, if your employer brand is not too good) it also offers a great opportunity. Two thirds of HR managers now create and distribute content via social media. They report an increase in the number of applications per vacancy, a higher quality of applicants and reduced time and costs to fill vacancies.

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