Are your employees proud to work for you?

Do you know?

A recent survey suggests that many (1 in 5) are not proud of their employers. They do not feel treated with  respect and that this is a serious adverse factor in retention and recruitment.

It is often the small things that suggest, correctly or otherwise, that an employer does not value, and therefore does not respect, their staff. Lack of trust, revealed by control mechanisms, often arises from a reluctance to engage one-to-one with employees. Find a genuine reason to talk to  employees and be seen to do so. Listening to employees should go without saying, but it is not easy to hear the uncomfortable, nor to speak it if one feels there could be consequences.

The survey also suggested that Corporate Social Responsibility programmes are of limited value. The Chief Executive of the charity, Business in the Community, emphasises that “to be perceived as responsible a business must be authentic and have values that influence everything it does”. That includes respecting and valuing employees.

There are proven ways of creating an engaged and committed workforce and they pay dividends. If this idea appeals to you, then please contact us.

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