All male workforce? We have news for you.

So far you have been relatively immune to the maternity provisions; but that is changing. Prospective fathers who expect to have a new child born on or after 5th April will also be entitled to leave, up to 52 weeks! And here’s the rub: one third of 18 to 34 year olds intend to seek Shared parental leave.

It will affect your business in all manner of ways, many of which you will be able to predict. What may catch you out is the administration of the leave, because there are so many facets.

Two people and probably two employers are involved. Most employees could be eligible, but not all – you may need to differentiate. Employees have to notify you of their intentions and there are many boxes to be ticked. Then employees need to make further notifications of the actual periods of leave; indeed they may make up to three. Requests can be made for several periods of shared leave; even alternate weeks. You don’t have to accept all requests but you do have to consider them and notify your employee(s) of your decision(s) and within certain very specific rules.  Be aware that there are lots of rules before we even come to the question of paying shared parental leave.

You can be prepared. Employer Solutions have developed an employer-friendly policy and procedure. This incorporates simple forms so employees tick the right boxes (avoiding contention and confusion). Consultants from Employer Solutions will come and explain all; so you can find your way through the labyrinth of regulations.

Notifications could start coming in to you anytime – the Regulations came into effect on 1st December 2014.

So be ready, take advantage of our package today.

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