Unleash the power of positive relationships

A recent report confirms what most employees already know; that it is relationships at work that really drive performance – or drain it. While a good work-life balance plays a part in performance, the greater factor is the ability to cope with politics in the working environment.

Successful people draw on professional, political and personal networks to develop mental toughness. But 94% of employees feel they have no support from their employer in coping with pressures at work.

The potential for better business performance is immeasurable.

Grasp the nettle

The starting point is to know where your employees are in terms of emotional resilience now and with what pressures and stresses they are coping. Often these are deceptively simple: role ambiguity; rudeness; feelings (real or imagined) of unfairness; insecurities.

Tackling these stresses may be relatively easy or seriously challenging. But without doubt a lack of awareness of the true well being of your employees almost certainly means you are losing business performance that you could easily have.

Free survey

Employers Solutions are offering a free, no obligation, wellbeing and performance survey. Conducted externally, your employees are likely to be frank. Should you be uncomfortable with what you learn we have the skills and expertise to resolve conflict, help build positive work relationships, encourage mental toughness in employees and fully realise the potential of your business or service.

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