Watch for applicants with fake qualifications

The CIPD has recently reported that “the number of people faking qualifications, and offering the wrong information on their employment applications is quite remarkable” (Mike Emmott). Employee fraud rose by 18% in 2013 and it is dishonest access to employment that accounts for the majority of insider fraud.

A sales manager of my acquaintance instituted a policy that all interviewees were to bring photocopies of their qualifications to interview. He found that the number presenting for interview fell by 50% and had to move the requirement to earlier in the process.

How many employees are appointed on the basis of qualifications that are never verified?

Those in the Care Sector and providing similar employment will be familiar with DBS checks but many employers may need to “up their game”!

Here are a few simple hints:

  • Have a pre-planned process that means simple procedures and employment checks are routine. This does have to be balanced against the often urgent need to have a new employee in place rapidly. But knowing who is responsible for what in recruitment terms can mean keeping in place simple checks that protect you.
  • At interview be thorough about probing gaps or anomalies in an employee’s job record or career.
  • Ask for original documents and photocopy them as part of the recruitment process.
  • Look out for fake-IDs by checking passports – more details are on the website.
  • Eligibility to work in the UK should be checked for all new recruits
  • Follow up references

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